“Life’s a Dance You Learn As You Go”


A lot has happened lately — some things expected, some falling out of a universe out of control.

A co-worker’s nephew (six-year-old) was rushed to brain surgery last week. Doctors thought he was sick with the flu, when he had a brain tumor. He’s going to be okay, but brain surgery leaves one in need of therapy. His vision has been affected, walking doesn’t come as easily, and he is now left-handed.

Interesting how the human brain works, or how sometimes it doesn’t.

Another co-worker fell off a stool and shuttered her knee. She’s on narcotics to deal with the pain. I feel I should be in a padded room, so work continues to be done around here.

The good news: everyone is going to be okay.

At home, the good news is that school’s out, and the myriad of projects my son had to do and I had to supervise (because my husband’s been working non-stop and I’m pretty much it) are over. And that’s why …

Life is a dance you learn as you go / Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow / Don’t worry about what you don’t know / Life’s a dance you learn as you go.  ~ John Michael Montgomery

This year, I felt the school was testing my commitment as a parent. The projects they sent home (miner’s museums, book reports with extra projects, California Gold Rush and character study and costume) didn’t seem designed solely for the student but also for the parents.


My son, Keith, as a Gold Rush era character.

On the bright side, I learned or re-learned a lot about our state, and will be taking a trip to Yosemite Valley and Sequoia National Forest to see some of the places in the projects. On the even brighter side, this inspired several stories.

But enough about me (and thank you for listening). How are things were you are?  



Image courtesy: John Singer Sargent/Venetian Rel Art Blog, venetianred.net

18 responses to ““Life’s a Dance You Learn As You Go”

  1. Check out Judge James A. Waymire, my great grandfather before you head up to Yosemite. Or Google Hetch-Hetchy Valley. Stop in Modesto to see the museum with my family artifacts. This will give you another view of a crazy life.

    Yes, life is crazy. My body is breaking down as I sit here with heated seeds on my lap. Also, my physical therapist thinks I’m tall, so I’m trying to give her another perspective on the subject… I’m really short. Life is how you look at it. I love your vision of “life as a dance” as I LOVE to dance. Plus, it is much more fun than the vision of “rolling with the punches” as I don’t like fighting or boxing. You are making lemonade from all those crazy yellow fruits that grow so abundantly down in sunny California. You are DOING GREAT! Now, are you doing the Cha-cha, the Rhumba, the Waltz, or the Swing? Have fun! I gotta run… later!

    • Gwynn, how wonderful your family history. Thank you for letting me know. We will most definitely try to stop at some of the places you mentioned. I will post pictures after. I’m sorry to hear about your condition. Sending hugs and lots of good vibes from afar. I know that sounds generic, but you’re definitely in my thoughts. Stay strong!

  2. The poem was lovely, especially good for a writer because we dance in our heads through our writing. The dance stops when the book is written and you have to learn new steps to publish and market. Then the dance begins again with the next book. I’m dancing as fast as I can! How about you?

  3. I’ve learned so much more through my children and their school than I did with my own. I love California history – enjoy I know your son was grateful you went through it with him :)

  4. I love the picture of your son. And I like that sketch. Who did that? Great you got some story ideas and adventures to look forward to!

  5. Wow. I hope things have settled and continue to stay settled for you. I wonder why homework has to be so family-intensive. I bet it gets better the older he gets, though.

  6. Love the poem, and the photo of your son. As for the tumors, accidents and stresses … Ugh!! You are SO RIGHT about those school projects. I cannot believe what the teachers foist on the students and parents as do-it-yourselfers. What an expense in time and $$$. I would be completely flummoxed as a harried parent!!

  7. It has been crazy here, too, with the end of the school year, my granddaughter’s very first dance recital (on her birthday — she did tap, jazz, and ballet), the anniversary of my first marriage (yesterday), the anniversary of my second marriage (today) and a conversation with my husband-who-lives-across-town about how sad it is that we are not celebrating this 33rd year. I’m glad to be retired and to have more control of where I dance and when. – Fawn

    • How cute, your granddaughter’s first dance recital, and on her birthday. Very special. And wow, reading your story makes me feel I’m not alone in the crazy-life department. :) Thank you.

  8. Life is a dance, that’s true, but there are days I think my feet are just too slow. :-) Glad everyone your way are going to be all right.
    Deb@ http://debioneille.blogspot.com

  9. Loni Townsend

    Lots of stuff that made me say, “ouch,” while reading your post. At least you’re taking it well.

    My daughter is only pre-school age, but I struggle with the take-home projects. I dread the day when they’re going to actually count for grades.

  10. I moved to San Francisco last May and was new to the state then. I’m big on hiking trips so I’ve visited a lot of places in my area, but there are plenty of places I still haven’t visited yet, including Yosemite and Sequoia National Forest. They are definitely on the list! Hope you enjoy your trip there!

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