W is for Wallachia


With competition between the beauty of Maramures, cities like Cluj, and the deluge of offerings in Transylvania, Wallachia (the Romanian land) is shamefully underrated, thus ignored by most travelers.

All the better for you, if ever you find yourself in E. Europe. th

The term (Wallachia) comes from vlah, a Slav origin word used for all Latin people of the Balkans.

Located in a place of strategic interest to European powers and to those situated to the east, Wallachia’s preservation of a sense of identity over many years of foreign domination makes it yet more interesting a destination — it’s the land of the kings, shaped by Roman, Turkish, and Slavic influence.

Suffice it to say Wallachia is a gorgeous area of Romania, located between the Danube Delta and the Carpathian Mountains, as illustrated on the map by various shades of yellow and names of areas.


While Romanian cities offer a wealth of culture and modern life, Wallachia welcomes the traveler with its rich tradition and natural beauty. Peles Castle, for example, is one such site (see top picture). And did I mention pristine valleys, history, and welcoming people?

I’ll leave you with a few more images. Enjoy.








Images: tismana romania wallachia,romaniadacia.wordpress.com; Wallachia, http://www.eliznik.org.uk, Peles Castle, http://www.bestromania.com; cozia monastery,flickr, tripdvisory, wikimediaCC;www.exploringromania.com

24 responses to “W is for Wallachia

  1. Beautiful. If I ever get a chance to travel, that would be a great destination.

  2. I really must get out more. This looks like a wonderful place. I’ve caught up with a few or your posts, about to delve deeper. We’re nearly there, shame now’s when I get some time to visit more people. Hope you’ve enjoyed your AtoZ.

  3. I’ve known several people from Romania and know it’s a wonderful place. But your pics really show the beauty! Great post!

  4. It looks like a wonderful destination.

  5. So beautiful, Sylvia. The Romanian government should hire you as their travel consultant – I’m sure there will be more visitors!

  6. Hi Silvia – Wallachia looks as good if not better than it sounds.. and that mix of Slav, Roman and Turkish .. must give it a fascinating over view of life at the central and often crux part of the southern Eastern Europe ..

    Yes I’d love to visit .. cheers Hilary

  7. I actually always wanted to go to this area. I am not sure if it is because of the folklore or the beauty of it but I guess it is because of both. The one building close-up looks Moorish in style and then one sees the European style-great mix

  8. This is what I LOVE about Europe…the history and beauty! I so enjoy your pictures I’m ready to pack-up and GO! Some of my families are from Germany and Wales. It was amazing to see the culture differences. I loved touring the castles and seeing the art in the museums. It must be quite a culture shock for you to be living in So. California now. An absolutely lovely post. Thank you!

  9. Your photos are wonderful. I never realised the country is so varied

  10. The more I read your posts and see the pictures, the more I want to visit Romania. :-)

  11. Sounds like such a fascinating place, and those images make the US seem pale in comparison. Beautiful.
    Deb@ http://debioneille.blogspot.com

  12. Beautiful countryside!

  13. With the trees and the lake, it looks like Nashville! But we definitely don’t have castles.

  14. What a mixture of countries and cultures are seen in the architecture.

  15. Romania is definitely on my short list, and I promise I won’t miss this region. Great post!

  16. Wow. Those photos are enough to make me want to visit. I’ll make note of this if I ever get a chance to visit Romania.

  17. Very nice photos!. I’ve always wanted to visit. Maybe some day I will.

  18. Stunning photos, as always!! This would be the type of place I would love to go to. The non-touristy stuff.

  19. Even the sound of Wallachia is beautiful! The photos are quite lovely – thank you.
    Garden of Eden Blog

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