21 responses to “S is for Singers and Musicians

  1. I’m more of a music in the back ground fan now.

  2. I listened to Simelea’s song – it was soulful thank you! I grew up with 60’s music – still the best in my not so humble opinion! My adult sons also think so. Yup, hanging in there re A-Z, barely. You too hopefully! Life WILL get back to normal.
    Garden of Eden Blog

  3. Hi Silvia .. in the early days .. I grew up with Flanders and Swann, and Offenbach .. once I’d spread my roots I was into 60s music as per Susan – yet experienced the haunting sounds of Greek music … as here with your wonderful Smilea – it’s lovely to listen to … but I tend to listen like Rosie, not so often and quietly …

    Cheers – interesting to hear your ideas on life as you moved on to CA, but remembered your roots .. HIlary

  4. Music informs and shapes us! It’s the same no matter the language. Thanks for introducing us to yours.

  5. Yes, I LOVE all forms of music. I think my love of music started when I was young with the old ballads. I love classical, jazz, rock, and country… a different tune for each of my moods. But I always love to hear the songs my parents listened to when I was little. I so can relate to what you say. Thanks for a fun post!

  6. Listening to the Rhapsody right now. Beautiful! And perfect for this early spring morning!

  7. Oh, it’s true the music we heard as children remains special. My dad loved country music. We listened to records of shows like Mary Poppins and Sound of Music. Good stuff. Also, church music. I love spirituals.

  8. I still love all the music I grew up with too, and since I’m still in the growing stage, I guess I always will.
    Deb@ http://debioneille.blogspot.com

  9. I grew up with 80s music. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite–my Spotify playlist is full of songs from all decades going back to the 70s. Mostly 80s and 90s, though. I’ve thrown some music from last decade in, too! If I listened to today’s pop, I’d probably find things I like about it, but I work from home and I don’t really drive as much as I used to–and the car is where I always primarily listened to the radio.

  10. I grew up with hard rock and pop music. Now I like a little more jazz and Latin. Texas is a great music state to grow up in. I appreciate many genres. Thanks for the links!!

  11. I’ve just listened to the Enescu – beautiful, thank you. I wasn’t familiar with it at all.

  12. I grew up with Rock and Roll and later when i got political folk music. I recently did a presentation on Phil Oachs (don’t feel badly if you don’t know who he is) and it really stood up

  13. I grew up with Country music and hymns. On occasion, my brother (who had a radio; I did not) would find a station that played Janis Joplin, Herman and the Hermits, Everly Brothers. When I went to college, I discovered Dylan. Music changes people, including me.

  14. I grew up in the ’80s. You are free to shudder…

  15. Isn’t it funny how we overlook certain types of music when we are younger only because it is “for older people” only to discover it later in life? Cool intro to Romanian folk music. Thanks!

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