P is for Painters and Sculptors


Choosing among favorite Romanian artists is nearly impossible. However, for the purpose of this challenge I’ve put together a short list. Please come along and take a look with me.

1.  The great Constantin Brancusi initially trained as a stonemason. Although influences by Rodin, Brancusi decided to make much simpler work of pure form and basic elements. 

Take a look at the serenity and eroticism of Sleeping Muse above, and The Kiss below.


2.  One of the founders of the Romanian painting was Nicolaie Grigorescu, his works featured at the Universal Exhibitions in Paris. In 1877 he was called to accompany the Romanian Army as a frontline painter in the War of Independence.


Peasant Girl, N. Grigorescu

3.  Nicolae Tonitza, was a Romanian painter, engraver, lithographer and journalist. An artist of Post-impressionism and Expressionism, his bohemian lifestyle was the source of his melancholic art.


Afize, N. Tonitza

4.  Stefan Luchian, co-founder of the Romanian painting, was famous for his landscapes and still life work. He’s been named the flowers’ painter.


Violets, S. Luchian

5.  Camil Ressu, one of the outstanding personalities of the Romanian art. He studied the human body and landscapes, constantly combining shape and color.


Potato Corp, C. Ressu

6. Theodor Pallady worked in the studio of Gustave Moreau, alongside Henri Matisse. His fondness for still life shows his desire to capture a fragment of reality.


Self-portrait, T. Pallady

It’s not fair to stop here, but no matter the length of the list, someone great would continue to be left out.

Thank you for indulging me. 


For tomorrow’s post, my dear blogging friends, we’re going back to 1989, the year of the Revolution and the fall of the Iron Curtain. Hope to see you then.


Images: Sleeping Muse, The Kiss, C. Brancusi, WikiPaintings; Nicolae Grigorescu – Portrait of a little peasant girl, watercolor, Wikimedia, CC, source: www.cimec.ro; Afize, by N. Tonitza, agerpress.ro; Violets, S. Luchian, WikiPainting; Potato Corp gatherers, C. Ressu, WikiPainting; Pallady, self-portrait, WikiPaintings.



34 responses to “P is for Painters and Sculptors

  1. Lovely pics…um paintings :) Silvia

  2. All the pictures are so pleasing Silvia thank you. Each has a sense of place in their perfect peace.
    Garden of Eden Blog

  3. This is definitely a back at you, and I enjoyed it immeasurably. I love The Kiss and the Peasant Girl is stunning! But I think my favorite is Ressu’s the Potato Crop. When did he paint this? It looks vaguely Impressionistic. Thanks so much for sharing these with us! Fantastic blog.

  4. I love The Kiss and all of the paintings the most. Being one who dabbles with paint, I would. I’m also looking forward to reading about the Revolution tomorrow. Great post!
    Deb@ http://debioneille.blogspot.com

  5. So many wonderful artists I never hear about. Thanks for highlighting these. Love the Peasant Girl.

  6. What a beautiful collection of art and artists! Peasant Girl was my favorite, but they’re all great.

    True Heroes from A to Z

  7. Great post for the letter ‘P’ :)

  8. wonderful sculpture! ON an art walk in a resort town we met a sculpture – he was very good and witty to speak to – and then on new year’s I met another one at a party – his stuff is amazing. Nothing like good sculpture that can be touched and is three dimensional

  9. Hi Silvia, I have managed to track back and read a few of your posts – you present such interesting information… I love The kiss in todays post, and you if you manage to get through the opus you mention in your Ovid post you are much more determined reader and seeker than I could ever dream of :)
    Reflex Reactions

  10. Thank you for some new artists to look up, Silvia. I love that version of The Kiss!

  11. They’re all so interesting but I particularly like the violets by Luchian. :) Thank you for sharing.

  12. What an interesting blog. The history of art is so incredible as is the art. You did a lovely job. Again, thank you for stopping by my blog to comment: http://gwynnsgritandgrin.com

  13. Thank you, Silvia, for this lovely post. The art is wonderful, especially The Kiss. You can feel the passion within it! :)

  14. Yeah, no matter how many artists you named, someone could think of someone you forgot! Great job. These paintings are fascinating.


  15. Thank you for increasing my awareness of other great artists.


  16. I remember looking at The Kiss in my college art appreciation class.

  17. I’d be happy with any of the paintings but I love sleeping muse…thanks for sharing these.:)
    Loving the A to Z Challenge Maggie@expatbrazil.

  18. Thank you Silvia, this is such an inspiring list of artists to explore. I think I’d start with Brancusi, I love The kiss!

  19. Hi Silvia .. I know none of these artists .. but I loved the Peasant Girl by Grigorescu .. fascinating to see .. thanks – Hilary

  20. Thanks, Silvia, for sharing these! One of my favorite ways of learning about a place I’ve never been is by exploring its art.

  21. My favorite in this list is “Peasant Girl.” Beautiful. I would hang that one on my wall. I also like the one of the workers in the field.
    Play off the Page

  22. What is also amazing about this wonderful art is to see the influence that runs through the art world at that time. Loved this, especially.
    Happy Blessed Easter, Silvia!

  23. Lovely images.. loved it .. Mine is http://saleshdipak.wordpress.com/

  24. Man, I would not want to accidentally find myself in Pallady’s yard!

  25. Wonderful representations of the artists you show here. Love the peasant girl!

  26. Thanks for popping by my blog. So happy to discover yours through this atozchallenge:-) What wonderful art u present in this post. will come by for more, for sure:-)

  27. Very interesting! Thanks for introducing me to these artists. Those paintings and sculptures are great.

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