L is for Litoral (Seaside)

romanian black sea coast

After a long winter and rainy spring, a trip to the Black Sea to take in the sun is a godsend. And that is precisely what Romanians and other Europeans do from June through September. Flock to litoral (seaside). 

Every one of my visits to the old country includes a trip to the Black Sea. It’s hard to get excited about the beach nowadays. Living in Southern California — a place with beautiful beaches along the coastline — hardened me somewhat in that regard.

Yet, the Black Sea is different.


For one, it holds a special place in my heart. Secondly, it’s the intersection of history and culture — from Romanian to Russian, to Turkish, to Bulgarian, to Ukrainian and Georgian.

Sure, I’m biased, but who better to describe the Black Sea than this kid at heart, who still remembers days spent camping or vacationing by the seashore. Or days spent visiting with family there, not long ago.  


Me (left) & family members building a sandcastle for my son, in the middle

The picture above was taken in May, when some days are still a little chilly but just as beautiful.

The Black Sea is a wonderful creation of nature. It is one of the youngest seas on the planet, so it’s still in the process of change.

There are rugged areas as well as five-star resorts. I prefer something in the middle, a touch of nature and convenience. And the Romanian litoral offers both and so much more.



23 responses to “L is for Litoral (Seaside)

  1. Great idea for the letter ‘L’ :) Makes me want to visit!

  2. I like water, no matter where it is. And the Black Sea looks wonderful! Great post for me…

  3. I think I’ve heard that word ‘litoral’ in poetry Sylvia? A lovely post thank you ..I wonder what this means that it is one of the youngest seas on the planet.
    I LOVE the sea … there’s something so energising and elemental about it. And of course memories of seaside holidays as a child ..
    Garden of Eden Blog

    • Susan, according to the books, it became a sea some 8000 years ago during the Bosphorus breach. That and other breaches connects it with the ocean (Atlantic) through the Mediterranean. Before, it was considered a lake or some such. Hence, it’s pretty young. Thank you.

  4. What a great word, and the picture of you and your son and family building a sand castle is priceless. What a fun day you must have had.
    Deb@ http://debioneille.blogspot.com

  5. Hi Silvia .. I’m including littoral too – but later on .. However I didn’t expect to find someone else using in the A-Z – except the Romanian language with its Latin overtones would make sense for littoral ..

    I had some friends who went out to the Black Sea and surrounds- they had a lovely time ..

    It’s a beautiful country and not spoilt yet … well I hope it won’t ever be .. Cheers Hilary

  6. We’re going home this summer, on vacation, and plan to stop by the seaside as well, for a week. I think it’s going to be Mangalia this time. It’s the first time our little daughter will get to see sand and sea. :)

  7. There’s really nothing more therapeutic than a day at the beach! Thanks for sharing your favorite . . . Cheers, mdc

  8. Beautiful beach. Funny, seems we are all more alike than different around the world. Seems we should all get along better?

  9. Love the umbrella like structures. I could go for a bit of sea about now

  10. It looks like a lovely beach. No you’ve got me longing for salty air. :)

  11. Funny, I never reflected on the fact that seas too have different ages… I’m so used to think only about rocks and mountains in that context, but of course, that also affects when and how the seas came about.
    Personally, I’d go for any sea, though! ;-)

  12. As wonderful as the beach’s here the sand is too soft for castle making…no where’s perfect. :)
    Loving the A to Z Challenge Maggie@expatbrazil.

  13. I’ve love to go to the Black Sea one of these days. I had no idea it was one of the world’s younger bodies of water.

  14. I enjoyed your post. The pictures were not what I imagined The Black Sea to be. Thanks fro sharing. :)

  15. You lucky thing – living in California, and experiencing the beauty of the Black Sea, too! I adore the sea, I can’t imagine living away from it!

  16. Missy Delorenzo

    I used to go to Costinesti and Navodari with my dad… Great memories!

  17. What a beautiful beach. I love the sunset! Thank you for stopping by and have a Happy Holiday :)

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