K is for Knowledge (Facts)


Curiosity is discovery, is looking at things in new and different ways. Would you agree?

I am, generally speaking, a very curious person. My sister used to say you ask too many questions. My mother said ask as many as you’d like, as long as you learn something new.

I don’t ask about private individuals, especially when people shy away from sharing. It’s their right. Mostly, I’m curious about ideas, concepts, space, arts. Places.

In that spirit of curiosity, I’ll share with you a few facts about my native country, Romania. 

Location:  Romania is located in E. Europe.

Government:  Romania is a Republic. In one century, the country went from monarchy to communism and dictatorship to democracy. Talk about change at the speed of imagination, except in the real world. Segments of the country (especially the economy) are still adjusting to this transformation. 

Population:  20 million. Over 90% Romanian, a large number of Hungarians and other nationalities.

Major Religion:  Nearly 90% Eastern Orthodox. Also, Protestant (various denominations), Roman Catholic, and other (mostly Muslim).

Language:  Romanian (Latin family), spoken in Romania, Moldova and parts of Ukraine. The only such language in Eastern Europe, where Slavic is widely spoken. To me, it sounds like a cross between Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. 

Romania is home to the Carpathian mountain range that pass though its heart, the Black Sea, the Danube Delta.


Danube Delta


Carpathian Mountains


Most beautiful city/region:   Too many to name, but a favorite is Brasov, very first picture above — mountainous region. 

Here is an interesting fact:   Despite the communist rule, many Romanians were and continue to be religious. With churches on many street corners, you’ll often see people — especially from the older generation — cross themselves as they walk down the street.

So, tell me something unique about your hometown, or any other place that left an impression on you. Anything you’d like.


Thank you for reading! Everyone doing okay so far? Monday’s post (a short one) is about the Romanian coastline. (If I’m a little late commenting, it’s only because I live on the west coast (U.S.), but am always anxious to make my way over.) Have a great rest of the weekend!



Image: Brasov, Wikipedia; The Danube Delta (UNESCO World Heritage site -Delta Dunării in Romanian), Mike, Flickr, Wikimedia,CC; Valea râului Lala, Munţii Rodnei, by: Dan Retegan, Wikimedia CC.


31 responses to “K is for Knowledge (Facts)

  1. Good to know more about Romania. And, yes, curiosity (often) leads to discovery.

  2. Life is curious in itself! With all its ambiguities and paradoxes that keep us on our toes. Lovely to have some ‘knowledge’ of Romania via you thank you Silvia.
    Now that’s a big question ..Like you, I too have moved from here to there, in my case around Southern Africa, various towns and cities … now resident in Johannesburg South Africa. It’s a large city, home to about 10 million people including the surrounds. It’s pretty cosmopolitan. Country wide, we’re about 50 m people. But before I write screeds, let me leave!
    Garden of Eden Blog

  3. It’s so funny because I am exploring the A to Z sign up list, and click on yours and realize, “Oh, it’s Silvia!” For some reason, your posts don’t automatically get e-mailed to me. Have to change that in my Reader.

    Anyway, love the pics and info on Romania. And, I am glad you are curious. I grew up in Providence, RI. RI is the smallest state in the US.


  4. I hope to travel to Europe someday.. and your post reminded me of my hope Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh, My! those mountains are gorgeous. I’m a curious person too, and sometimes when I don’t know the answer to something, I’ll flesh out the question via a story and let my characters clue me in. I live in a small town, less than 2,000 people; but other than that, I am too tired to think of anything unique about it at the moment. We do have a bakery, and I’m off to get some donuts now. Maybe the sugar fix will wake me up. :-)
    Deb@ http://debioneille.blogspot.com

  6. can never have too much knowledge. I live in London Ontario which is two hours east of Detroit to give you a sense of location. We get lake effect snow – we’re close to two of the great lakes but the summers are hotter than stink. And since I’m in a rush that will have to do for now. :D

  7. Beautiful mountains. I would love to visit outside the U.S. one day. I have been to Jamaica and Bermuda but that’s as far as I have ventured.

  8. Well, I did not know the main religion was Eastern Orthodox. I guess I never really thought about it. I was raised Catholic in a very Southern Baptist neighborhood in a suburb of Dallas. Have a nice day off and a great Sunday. :-) Denise

  9. You are doing great with the posting and commenting. I grew up on a farm in Northwestern Minnesota. I went to a little country church called Bethany Lutheran Church. It’s where I first started playing the piano for others to sing.

  10. I know what you mean! I think being able to look things up whenever and whatever I wonder about is one of my favorite parts of the internet.
    All of the photos have such a lovely cerulean blue cast to them. What a beautiful part of the world.

  11. Such gorgeous pictures!

  12. curious is a fine tool that we all learn and gain knowledge from. My “Q” will be question if we also didn’t ask question we wouldn’t be curious.

    Thanks for stopping in and coffee is on

  13. Your images are lovely, Silvia! I’m partial to the mountains, living in the thick of the Southern Appalachians. Curiosity is what drives me to research even the tiniest of things to enhance the feel & connection of a story. *the devil’s in the details*

    Echoes of Olympus
    A to Z #TeamDamyanti

  14. I’m a very curious soul too…So something about Brazil, it was mainly a Catholic country but the Evangelists are making huge inroads into Brazil…I have heard many a story, of a poor person joining the church paying their 10% of their earning for a long period, then, when they have troubles and can’t afford their 10%, the church turns them away…they are deemed no longer worthy…it appears more cult like here. Make me curious what it’s like as a religion in the US. The leading evangelist of Brazil earned over 3 Billion, yes Billion, in the last year. He is a very public, raging homophobic racist that was elected (by the government) as head of the human rights dept., go figure!!
    It’s one of many things that the Brazilians are protesting about…the bus price increase just ignited the flame, the protests continue, mainly peaceable, on a daily basic in many cites of Brazil and the media is silent! So the not so sunny, samba side of Brazil. :)
    Loving the A to Z Challenge Maggie@expatbrazil.

  15. I would love to visit Romania! I have a friend from Romania who lived with me for a while, and I tried to learn the language but it’s HARD lol!

  16. This travelogue is great – you’re doing a lot for the Romanian travel industry!

  17. You’re right! It really sounds a little bit like a mixture of spanish, italian and portugues :)

  18. How lovely, Silvia. Indeed, Romania’s “speed of imagination” (love that phrase) transformation is part of what fascinates me about it. And the language. I always found it strange that a non-Slavic tongue is spoken–indeed dominates a whole country–in a Slavic area. There’s a story in that :)

    Something unique about my hometown… Hmmm… It was (as you know from the multiple drafts of my novel) the first place Cortez settled in after conquering the capital of Mexico. Why not in the capital itself? Because he’d destroyed it (smarty-pants) :D

    I’m loving your posts (even if I don’t comment always). Have a great weekend!
    Guilie @ Life In Dogs

  19. Very cool facts about Romania! I can’t say I’ve ever heard it spoken, come to think of it. Where I grew up, in Albuquerque, you can get green chile on just about everything, from pizza to pasta and seafood. Just the thought makes my mouth water.

  20. The Carpathian Mountains are striking. Loved where you talk about how people cross themselves as they pass a church. God is in their minds.
    I come from Illinois, 10 miles or less from the Mississippi River. A small farm in a small farming community of 427, with four Protestant churches.

  21. I’m like you I ask questions but how else do you learn? Wikipedia does not have all the answers, I am learning more things about lovely Romania. Hope you are enjoying the sunny weekend

  22. Hi Silvia .. I can’t do without finding out – I went down to the Library today about the Gypsy exhibition, which they were packing away – that was frustrating!

    Interesting to read the facts about Romania though … and I’d love to visit one day .. Eastbourne is fairly near to London and a lot of places -so I’m not in the big smoke . and can get to the sea – I need to hit your litoral post next!

    Cheers Hilary

  23. Beautiful photos! It is a amazing to think of the change. I guess I should have known it, but I had never thought about Romania going from monarchy to communism and dictatorship to democracy all within one century. That is a lot of transition to go through in such a relatively short time!

  24. internetreviewofbooks

    Beautiful photographs, Sylvia. So from one curious person to another: How blue is the Danube?

  25. Great pics, Sylvia. I’m enjoying these posts!

  26. Nice theme Sylvia. I started bang on in the A to Z challenge but now i am lagging a bit in my posts and checking out other blogs.

    Hope i will survive.

    Visit us sometime, http://sinhasat302.blogspot.in/

  27. May be i should pack my bags and head towards Europe..!

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