How to Start a Movement

When blogging first entered my mind, I considered asking friends to start a group blog.

13 responses to “How to Start a Movement

  1. Great video…Without the lone nut the leader doesn’t stand a chance but you knew that already. :)

  2. You inspired me to join the challenge, Silvia!

  3. Hi Silvia .. loved the TED video – I hadn’t seen that one. Thankfully Lee had the vision to stand out and start, while Alex joined in and the co-hosts and many others followed on .. including us lot!

    Great thoughts and being a part of the A-Z movement suits me well .. cheers Hilary

  4. I thing the A to Z Challenge was instigated by Arlee Jackson and a few others. I have enjoyed it. Like you, writing has become something bigger than just writing for myself.

    Good post! Susan

    On Tue, Mar 25, 2014 at 3:30 PM, Silvia Writes

  5. Too true, but the first follower needs the inspirational first nut. To see how a blog movement might work have a look at Worldwide genealogy where genealogy bloggers around the world have signed up for one post a month….all the inspiration of one person, Julie Goucher from Anglers Rest blog. She nearly got knocked over in the rush. It’s early days yet but it’s great to see the diversity in the posts, even if you’re not into genealogy/family history.

    A to Z is another inspired idea, though I’m taking off 2014 as a “gap year”.

    Blogs are here:

  6. Interesting post!!!


  7. Great video. It certainly makes us think about the importance of being a follower and not always the first one to come up with a good idea.

  8. Hey, just wanted to say, love the blog! Keep up the amazing work. Can’t wait to see more from you. :)

  9. I think blogging has always been a “clique-like” endeavor, although it probably is moreso than ever now. I found out about the A to Z challenge from a group of bloggers who tend to always participate in the same group blogging projects. From them, I’ve found other groups who have embraced this new challenge. I think, in general, just getting on a blog hop of any kind can lead to your blog being seen by other people. It’s always, always, always about commenting other blogs, though. If you never comment anyone else’s blog, you likely aren’t ever going to get many readers!

  10. Cool video, Silvia. Yup, the leader doesn’t stand a chance at all without the lone nut.

  11. I’ve tried a group blog, everybody started out strong and then petered out after one post. On an unrelated topic, your hyperlink in the comments section of post didn’t go anywhere.

    flip at HILL BLOCKS VIEW

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