Bucharest, Romania — Seen From a Drone

It’s been almost five years since my last visit to Romania (terrible, I know).

So, it was nice to see this on YouTube, the city seen from a drone. A short ad precedes the video, which you can skip in seconds.

My native city. Take a look. 


19 responses to “Bucharest, Romania — Seen From a Drone

  1. Wow, that is quite a city! I had no idea. Thanks for sharing, Silvia!

  2. Wow quite the spot indeed. Some of those road circles I’d probably umm hit someone haha get in the wrong lane. All the trees too, don’t see those much in cities over here.

  3. What a coincidence, I’m just planning a trip round Northern Europe for August to October, we’re planning on including Romania as a must see! I have to agree with Pat, lots of wonderful trees and green areas, they knew how to plan things when these old cities were built. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. I love Bucharest, such a fine old city. Great video.

  5. Neat. It is like visiting another part of the world without having to travel.

  6. Hi Silvia .. loved seeing this – particularly with the accompanying music – I’d hoped someone with more knowledge would have ‘said’ what it was .. even at the end of the video there weren’t any credits for it …

    It’s very modern and has lots going for it … I loved seeing the wetlands, and then reading via Wiki about the potential to complete the canal link to the Danube …

    Thanks .. fun to watch and see .. cheers Hilary

    • That would’ve helped, though must admit I like the music. What I can tell you is: that first huge building is called The House of the People now, but was built by the dictator as his personal ‘palace’ or some such. You also see the Intercontinental Hotel, The Bucharest University, and pretty much the center of the city. I lived some thirty minutes south of there.

  7. Oh my, Silvia, what a wonderful city. Beautiful architecture. old and new and the way it is laid out. I am amazed at the fluidity of traffic as well.
    Thanks for posting. How nice that you will be able to go there again,

  8. What a magnificent city, Sylvia. Just got around to watching the video – I’d be proud of it, too!

  9. Thanks for sharing your home with us Silvia..It is so beautiful there, just fabulous.

  10. Thanks Sylvia so much! Will go back to watch – at the time got only a few minutes into it then got waylaid. Was so enjoying what I saw.

  11. What a lovely video…as well as the music:)

  12. Such a beautiful light :)

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