Reverse Resolution: What I’m Not Going To Do in 2014

Most New Year’s resolutions have a life span of about 2.5 days. But we still make them, year after year.

The intention is good — admirable even — but so unrealistic. In all honesty, why implement something new (exercise, eat healthy), starting January 1st, and not do it at the first thought, say September 19th? Any new day is a new beginning.

After discussing resolutions with a group of friends, I considered a different approach: go in reverse. And here is one major thing I Am Not Going To Do (or at least try hard not to) in 2014.

I often hear folks lament that life is so different from the good ol’ days. Technology is overrunning us; the TV is infested with reality stars. In one colleague’s words “our kids’ appetite for TV leads to short appetites for real wisdom, and as a result our lives are so much more shallow than in our parents’ times.”

I sympathize. I’m in my early 40s (heading toward ‘ol’ timer’ territory), so I shake my head at silly TV shows, or new words entering our vocabulary (selfie). Really? Who decreed that one a central part of our speech? Same with new gadgets — a new one hitting the market every millisecond. They require endless amounts of time, and for some the learning curve is steep.

When folks wondered where we went wrong from the good ol’ days, I wondered right along.

But not anymore. Because …

Isn’t life all about change? Technology is part of our lives, like it or not. Nothing ever stays the same, nor should it.  It moves on, people move on, people change. People have new ideas — some good, some bad. Since no other species can come up with new ideas (innovative or lousy), we’re all we’ve got.

When things seem at their worst, there is always hope in a new day. That is the beauty of a new day. We can start anew and learn from the past. Any day, not only on January 1st.

For that reason, and because complaining about progress changes nothing, I accept The New with an open mind and with open arms.   

What about you? Any reverse resolutions for 2014?




6 responses to “Reverse Resolution: What I’m Not Going To Do in 2014

  1. Re change- I remember my parents saying the same (general) things about me/my friends as I said about my kids and their friends. ” Kids now a days…….” . That’s a good thing as you said, plus it’s nice to know some things don’t change (that much)! Great post!

  2. Hi Silvia .. I definitely agree .. if we just got on with things that give us happiness, help others and develop ourselves as and when we wish .. but always be on the forward march – embracing the things that interest us and give us and others new delight, because we’re sharing ..

    Love the idea of reverse resolutions … have a great year – Hilary

  3. I resolved to change as is needed, as time passes. I don’t know what those changes might be, but I will be ready to deal with them. susan kane

    On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 8:50 PM, Silvia Writes

  4. I love the idea of reverse resolutions.

    I agree about the fact you should change lifestyle rather than try and do something for a few months, weeks or days. I do like the idea of a new year and a definite option to renew ideas. Read more, write more and blog more are all on my list.

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