Comfort Reading, Like Comfort Food but Better

It’s cold beyond description in many parts of the country. So cold, a friend from Minnesota said: “a person couldn’t walk a block if they had car problems.”

So, what does one do during such unproductive days? How about reading? And what is your comfort reading?

Yes, I do have a suggestion. How would you like to travel to the German mountains for an alpine adventure with a group of characters each more interesting than the next.

The book is “Snow White’s Slide,” and the writer is a friend who “studied literature and linguistics in Germany and the United States. She strives to combine her two passions: writing and traveling…”  

Here is my review:

If you’re looking for an exciting story filled with alpine adventures in the gorgeous mountains of Germany, a world inhabited by risk takers, this is the book for you.

Karo, a take-charge business woman, receives a gift in the form of a vacation in the German Alps. And Karo is not one to back away from a challenge. Martin, the leader of the hiking group, is a man with no sympathy for the sophisticated city folks. A man who takes control. But with Karo in the group, that becomes a problem.

The book contains all the energy and unexpected turns that have made Edith Parzefall’s books appealing. And I read quite a few of her stories. As usual, the author found a way to lock me in. What can I say? This is one of those speed-read books, as the plot drives forward with a furious intensity.

An absorbing read I’d recommend to suspense and adventure enthusiasts.


14 responses to “Comfort Reading, Like Comfort Food but Better

  1. Wow, you read my mind. Comfort reading is exactly what I’m doing today.

    I read Edith’s book, too. I agree, a great read. I remember the characters like they’re friends.
    Nice post!

  2. It’s cold here, too, Sylvia -21 this morning! We’ve been out – had to take out our Christmas tree and recover the porch furniture but it was a brief excursion – reminds me too much of Chicago. So I’ve been catching up on my critiquing for two my two writers’ groups.
    I’ve been reading the Divergent series – always interested in YA books. A little too much teenage angst for me but the author is very clever and creative in making her world.

  3. Comfort reading for me is re-reading books I read as a teenager–books like Anne of Green Gables, My Friend Flicka, Heidi, or Understood Betsy. Snow White’s Slide sounds like one I would like! Cheers, Denise

  4. Yay, what a wonderful surprise, Silvia! I’m really happy you enjoyed my novel so much. The sequel, Cinderella Conspiracy, should be released toward the end of the month when it might get even colder. I’ll be taking readers to the island of eternal spring to thaw their limbs then.

  5. Great review, Silvia, and great post. I haven’t read this book, but being familiar with others of Edith’s, I totally understand what you mean by “locked me in”.

  6. Hi Silvia .. your cold is out buckets of H2O .. stair rods … we are one sodden little island!

    Edith’s book sounds a great read .. and yes I certainly look forward to reading (not even a few, or a lot – just to read!) books .. in 2014 …

    Nappy New Year – cheers Hilary

  7. I meant ‘our’ .. but I expect you realised that .. H

    • Yes, I did, Hilary, but thank you for coming back anyway. I love seeing your name here twice. Thanks. I don’t get the cold here in Co Cal, but feeling for friends and family in other parts of the country.

  8. I love comfort reading! Since I am a quilter, I enjoy Debbie Macomber books. Not deep reading, but comfort reading.

    On Fri, Jan 3, 2014 at 11:19 AM, Silvia Writes

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