Brrr Cold


What is the coldest temperature you’ve ever been in?

Because, let me tell you my dear friends … I’m freezing. Here in Southern California.  And that’s wrong, wrong, wrong.

An Arctic front is moving through California at this time, knocking temperatures way down, prompting frost advisories and freeze warnings. The high yesterday was 52 Fahrenheit. The low? Somewhere in the low 30s, even some 20s in the canyons and valleys. And the wind? Biting, I’m telling you. Stepping outside is simply painful.

I know what my friends on the East Coast or in Minnesota are thinking. That’s cold?

For this area, yes … very.

But the Arctic front is moving out, and by this weekend we should be back in the normal 60s, some 70s.

The cold weather brought back memories from those days, long ago, when I experienced real winters in East Europe. I remember days so cold that car doors were frozen shut. When we literally hurt from the cold, and our faces turned different colors.When being outside for longer than 30 minutes came with the threat of frostbites. 

But I don’t think I could live in such a climate any longer. For the past 20 years, my blood has been California -ized.

So, as I’m sitting here with a cup of coffee, steam wafting in my face, tell me about your coldest day. And how did you cope.


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13 responses to “Brrr Cold

  1. Yesterday, the occasion of Mr. Mandela’s memorial was a very cold day and rained like never before – this, in the middle of summer here in Johannesburg. I was wearing socks and a jersey. Summer is our rainy month but yesterday the heavens were weeping. Today it is hot and steamy. Our winters nights here in South Africa can reach below freezing in July and August. Mt. Kilimanjaro was freezing up at the top with glaciers as far as the eye could see and Machu Picchu was icy. When it is cold I wear long sleeved thermal vests that do the trick in keeping me warm and hot chocolate of course helps. Wind as in Cape Town in winter is hell .. that wind gets into the bones.
    A glass of merlot also helps in the winter.
    Thanks Sylvia, enjoyed this and hope things warm up a bit for you!

  2. I grew up in New England, when winters were truly cold and there was lots of snow. I’d forgotten all that until we moved from California to Chicago and we had to get used to being outside when it was -15 or colder. We routinely went for walks when it was below zero and as long as you bundled up and kept moving, it was bearable!

  3. I truly believe we get acclimated to wherever we live. We were in North Dakota for three winters and it got COLD, but when the cold front hit here I was okay with staying inside! LOL The coldest we remember was when the wind chill hit 90 below.

  4. The coldest Temperature I’ve experienced was in Illinois. It was negative 25 degrees. In our old farmhouse, the pipes froze. Didn’t thaw for weeks. Cold beyond expression. @Susan Kane

    On Tue, Dec 10, 2013 at 2:27 PM, Silvia Writes

  5. It’s not even winter here ( East coast Canada) yet…10 more days. and the temps was -25C this am. I can however appreciate how you must feel being used to a warmer climate. My brother in Montana said they temp there was colder than the South Pole….. Now that’s cold!!!!

  6. Born and raised in Ohio I have had some cold winters and it has been super cold since I have gotten home but I am still use to the cold and Sedona,Arizona gets cold, not quite as cold but not as warm as Phoenix. I do laugh sometimes when the forecasters go on and on about a cold front in Phoenix and then I remember it is all relative,after awhile a person gets use to their environment and their summers are super hot so, when you are use to 100+ and 80 feels good, well, 50 will feel cold, that is a 30 degree difference. Anyway,it is has been super cold here in Ohio and snowy, we have had one of our snowiest December’s :)

  7. Hi Silvia .. my coldest day is not that cold – your Eastern Europe cold .. though we’ve had very cold winters when I was way younger … 62/63 – I’m just glad that the freezing weather is staying away from us here in little old England .. long may it continue that way – it’s not warm, but not cold!

    Cheers and I’m sure it’s warmed up now .. Hilary

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