Images of the Season

Sometimes, images tell the story best. Especially when it comes to children and the holidays.

I hope your holiday season is off to a good start. Cheers.

2013-10-20 15.57.34

Pumpkin patch

2013-10-20 15.00.36

So many pumpkins

2013-10-20 15.54.41

Music to celebrate the season


A little pre-Halloween basketball


Trick or treating as The Phantom


With friends


Halloween decorations

12 responses to “Images of the Season

  1. Love the photos. It’s all about the kids and they look like they had fun.!

  2. I’ve always envied how involved in Halloween you all get in the States, looks so good and such fun. In Brazil hardly anything much happens. I do believe it’s getting a bigger event in the UK, where I’m from, but nothing to the scale you would enjoy. I’m pagan so we’ve always had a celebration but slightly different! LOL. Nice images, everyone is having fun, great.

    • It’s fun watching the little ones in costumes around the neighborhood. We always go out trick or treating and leave candy in front of the house while we’re gone, so the kids help themselves. Since it’s a family-oriented neighborhood, we get lots of trick-or-treaters well into the evening. Brazil … the weather is too warm over there for a fall holiday, perhaps. But … you all have the Carnival. :)

  3. It looks like y’all have kicked off this fall season in fine fashion. :D

  4. How wonderful you live in a neighborhood where there is Trick or Treating! We live way out in the country and don’t get any costumed visitors. We used to take our children to a friend’s neighborhood for the Big Night. Great photos!

  5. Looks like a wonderful start to the holiday season! :)

  6. My gr-daughters wanted us to keep a tally of the costumes. They made a list for us. We had 76 children, 32 teenagers, and about 10-15 adults. The main costume was little princess :) and only a few “evil” characters, all 10 year old boys. It was awesome. Susan

    On Tue, Nov 5, 2013 at 12:56 PM, Silvia Writes

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