I Love Fall


I love fall. I should be out there enjoying my favorite season, but I live in a tech world.

I am surrounded by a laptop, a printer that does everything but sing love songs, a Kindle, and an iPhone. And they have a good grasp on me, these lovely devices.

I do more shopping online than on foot. Pay bills online. Read my news there, too. Sometimes even watch movies. Of course, I write on my laptop. This all reminds me of the movie Wale-E, in which characters can’t even move from their chairs.

Lord help me.

Speaking of which, my back hurts from sitting in the chair so long. Wish I could get a massage online.

My scifi world is full of circuits and Nanos and books and everything else. I visit with family and friends online. I listen to friends who create and market their own e-books inside the cyber world. I have no idea how to do that. Not sure I need to know, anyway.

What else … let’s see. I have a Facebook page and I blog once or twice a week. 

Keeping up — learning all the never-ending new tech stuff — seems like another full-time job. I already have at least two. That makes a total of three, not to mention a family.

I used to listen to tech radio programs, staying on top of the latest, but not anymore. If it comes my way, I’ll learn it. And if tech will take yet another quantum leap … well … here comes job number four.

Yes, I love technology. But I also love the fall season. And in a well-fought war, fall wins.

Let the autumn leaves dazzle and the birds sing, because here I come.


Image credit: travelerhubs.hubpages.com


9 responses to “I Love Fall

  1. Lovely post Sylvia thank you! I agree, even TRYING to keep up with tech is exhausting! So much information! So nb to MAKE the time to smell the roses and coffee; otherwise we’re get too caught up to enjoy all that life has to offer.

    I know that the US Fall is so lovely, what a pleasure this must be, a feast for the eyes, heart and soul! We’re heading into summer here in South Africa though the weather here is tricky at this time. Rain, thunder, hail even this past weekend and it’s cold, unlike last week which was so hot.

    • Susan, the fall season is picture perfect on the East Coast. Where I live, in California, we get some fall foliage — although not as spectacular. Still, it’s beautiful. Hope the weather shapes out okay for you in S. Africa.

  2. It’s my favorite season as well!!

  3. I love fall, too. Right now (sitting at my computer :-) ) I see outside my window a mix of evergreen redwoods and other trees in different stages of fall color.

  4. Summer and Autumn are tied for first place in my world. I too spend way too much time involved with the tech side of life ( but I love it too!) but nothing is quite so rejuvenating as a walk outside in fresh air. Enjoy!

  5. I have lost track of you, Silvia. Sorry! And since Word Press hates me, I will email comments.

    Fall! How I miss seeing the leaves and the smell of chilly nights. But, we don’t get snow either, so I guess it is a trade-off. Susan Kane

    p.s. My late mother’s home town in Illinois.

    On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 5:14 PM, Silvia Writes

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