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Here’s a TV snapshot to muse upon:  medical students treating the homeless. Young, bright people, free of judgment, treating the poor and the hungry and the self-abused of the world. And the students’ faces radiate with fulfillment — they are healing the world.

That was the documentary I saw last night — medical students healing the needy. Not a pretty picture, but they didn’t seem to care. The end result was what mattered.

I couldn’t be a doctor, and not because I’d be faced with the task of treating the homeless. But standing the sight of blood and performing medical procedures without flinching … that takes a certain kind of person.

Sure, in my example the students were learning. But they might as well have been volunteers with a cause, as their training seemed endless, and the conditions they worked under were, in many cases, similar to those in a war zone.

That made me wonder:  What cause would I completely throw myself behind if free of day-to-day responsibilities?

I think I’d work with children … fill the gaps left by budget cuts … read to them, teach them to the best of my abilities. Laugh with them. Our world is going to be in their hands one day, after all. And currently our world offers little reason to smile, to feel hopeful. Or maybe I just need to stay away from the TV, the news channels in general.

Say, you could throw yourself behind any cause.  What would that be?


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10 responses to “Blogger With a Cause

  1. For the last 25 years, Ive gotten to see the medical students at UNC volunteering their very little free time to treat the indigent, homeless and uninsured. They are bright lights in a dark world, which is why I’ve been volunteering with the Admissions Committee. Nice to have a say in who will be the next generation of physicians, and they are all wonderful. Right now I’m spending time advising undergraduates who want to apply to medical school about what they have to do… uphill and hard path to follow, but wonderful if they get there.

  2. It’s so heartening to hear stories about people helping the less fortunate. I’ve been visiting a senior Chinese-American woman once a week for several years now. I started out helping her with her English, but it evolved into helping her with all sorts of personal issues. I’ve also been the primary “go-to” person for my mother, who’s now living near me in assisted living. Anyway, all this has made me realize how much help seniors need! Although I also would like to devote some time to helping children, right now seniors are my focus.

    • Very noble cause, Linda. The oldest person in our family passed a couple of years back, at the age of 97. With her own daughter old and ill, the rest of us had to step in and help. Seniors do need a lot of help.
      Thank you for stopping by.

  3. What a thought provoking topic…. can’t quite decide…. so many needs and so little time!

  4. I was a teacher and I would teach for free if I could, I totally understand what you are saying, whenever I volunteer I tend to lean towards kid centered stuff.

  5. Hi Silvia .. the medical students help here in London and I’m sure the bigger cities too – there are so many who need help now – I’d probably do administrative volunteer work .. I do continue to visit an elderly up at the Nursing Centre .. Once I’m more settled I’ll do more – but for now I do what I can for others … Having lived in Africa – I’m aware of their needs …

    Great post – just volunteering in some way helps so much “a little goes a long way” …. cheers Hilary

  6. I really enjoyed perusing your blog, Silvia. If I could do anything, I would teach junior high or high school English/literature–preferably to homeless or disadvantaged youth. I am going to definitely follow your blog. Cheers, MDC

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