All That Heat

After weeks of temperatures in the 104-109 ° range, we had a shift in weather over the weekend — a fifteen-degree temperature drop and a soft breeze.

The heat is giving Angelenos a much-needed break from its tyranny.

Thank you!

Hot weather — sweltering to the point you can see it — makes it hard to think straight. I didn’t bother with decisions outside ‘need ice-cold water.’ At times, even that seemed too much for the cortex to handle.

After all, brains are organs. And like all other organs, the decision-making centers need energy to function. Energy in the form of glucose. And that energy was expended trying to keep cool … to breathe.

The air-conditioning universe seemed ready to explode into smithereens, and simply say: ‘We had enough.’

But this weekend we dipped into the upper 80s, and a beautiful breeze graced us with its presence.

Los Angeles missed you dear spectacular, godly wind.

Cognitive functions are returning to some sort of normal. I actually wrote a paragraph, edited a page. It’s not much, but hey … full recovery takes a while.

Now … I’m mindful of what’s happening not far from here, in Colorado — the flash flooding and displaced people. They had it so much worse.

Thinking of you, Coloradans.  

So, how are things where you are?




7 responses to “All That Heat

  1. We received a touch of fall as well and the Oklahoma winds are slowly coming back. This summer was much calmer than the few before, or that’s how it seems in my memory anyway.

  2. Sounds better now the heat has fallen. I don’t think I could cope with 100 degree heat without melting!

  3. It’s been hot here, but not like you’re experiencing. But we’ve been moving ourselves and my mother in the midst of this heat. Ugh–it really zaps my energy!

  4. Living in North Carolina, our weather can be like that for weeks at a time during the summer, with humidity to match. We go out, but only to run from one air conditioned site to another! Leaves are falling here and temps are very pleasant. Typical NC fall.

  5. Hi, Silvia! I have tried to comment on your post, but WordPress must really hate me.

    I do so appreciate the drop in temperature. the upper 100s were unbearable. Susan Kane

    On Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 3:36 PM, Silvia Writes

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