Wordless Wednesday: Back to School — An International Event

Los Angeles, CA (our neighborhood school, and my son — blue and while shirt):

Keith 02

Romania (E. Europe):


File:US Navy 041026-M-1250B-009 Iraqi children receive school supplies from U.S. Marines and Sailors assigned to the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) during a Back-to-School campaign.jpg


File:An Afghan school girl heads back to class after receiving school supplies from ANCOP members (5063724581).jpg


Johannesburg, S. Africa:



Images credit: http://www.eucom.mil; wikimedia commons; http://www.kidsforthekingdon.org/Nicaragua; staticflicr; msnbcmedia


19 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Back to School — An International Event

  1. Nice pics..East or West, North or South kids are adorable…

  2. Ah, your son is adorable. Love all the shots of the kids going off to school,great idea :)

  3. My kids don’t go back until Sept 3rd. We are Canadian.

  4. Great pictures by the way!

  5. Love this, Silvia! I love the idea of all these kids from different cultures showing the same excitement, the same fears… We’re not so different, not once you scratch the social varnish, are we? Great idea! (For a “school’s out” post, I’ll get you a pic of Curaçao kids :) )

  6. These children are darling. I remember those first day of school nerves! Thanks for reminding us that we are ALL tied by these common events and the love of our children. PS Your son is a handsome young man!

  7. Awesome choice of pics for today. My big boys return to the new school year in a couple weeks. I take the same pic every year, lined up on the porch, getting taller and taller.

  8. Oh no, not back to school already!? here in Canada we have till the beginning of September.

  9. Love this!

    And by the way, the chocolate cake in my picture was paired with beer! Very different but surprisingly really good.

  10. Smiling kids make the world go round and a wonderful place to be. Thanks for these pictures, Silvia!

  11. Silvia, what a peaceful powerful message in pictures you share here. Let’s hope all these kids learn to tolerate better than their leaders do today. xo

  12. Thank you so much for this sea of bright little faces. How can anyone gaze on those images and not feel a sense of hope for the future. Beautiful.

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