Wordless Wednesday — Quiet Friendship


 Happy to participate in the “Wordless Wednesday” bloghop. As a first timer, still figuring out the Linky details, but …                                                                       

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Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons, by Nagarjun — Happy Children at sunset

15 responses to “Wordless Wednesday — Quiet Friendship

  1. How lovely to be so at peace with each other.

  2. Yes, pretty picture, these children are quieter than my son!

  3. Nothing like hanging out with your friends! Great photo!

  4. Wonderful! I love watching the children play together. Thanks for visiting!

  5. Just chillin, looks awesome :)

  6. Oh to be a carefree kid…great picture!
    Tina @ Life is Good

  7. What a lovely capture and beautiful children!

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