Fun, Sun and Baseball


At the ballpark with my son (in Dodger blue) and family members

With school almost out, vacation planned and anxiously awaited, a day at the ballpark, watching the L.A. Dodgers take on the San Louis Cardinals, seemed the best way to, shall we say, warm up for the beginning of summer.

I forgot how much fun going to a baseball game is. I grew up in Europe, with soccer, so it took me some time to understand and appreciate baseball — “America’s favorite pastime.” Even so, can’t say I watch it regularly.

But going to the game is different from watching a game. You can’t beat fun at the old ballpark.

So many different experiences — and some old standing traditions — one can enjoy, from watching the players throw balls to fans during warm up, to singing the national anthem with 30, 000 spectators, to watching the first ceremonial pitch thrown by a hand-picked personality — in our case, Cedric, The Entertainer — to hitting or chasing after a beach ball, to singing Take Me Out To The Ball Game, to cheering, to enjoying the famous ballpark hotdogs — in our case the Dodger dogs — and of course root, root, root for the Dodgers.

And that’s just one part of it. There are fireworks for evening games, giveaways, theme nights, and after the game, the kids (and their parents) can run the bases (go inside the stadium and experience a bit of the same feeling the players had experienced). And that’s exactly what we did.

At the end of the day, when I asked about everyone’s favorite part, the unanimous answer was, “Everything, because what’s more fun than summer and baseball?”

Well, I don’t know. But summer hasn’t even officially started yet, so I see more visits to the ballpark in our near future.


17 responses to “Fun, Sun and Baseball

  1. What fun! We went to a Dodger’s game at night the last time we were in LA – it was spectacular! So much to watch in addition to the game, and the people working at the park were very, very nice. Not sure I am a fan of Dodger Dogs, though. It’s wonderful have the children out of school – I always looked forward to summer more than they did!

  2. I used to go to a LOT of baseball games before I had kids. They’re not interested at all. Probably because they each played baseball for a season and hated it…however, it was THEIR idea to play. Sigh. I really wanted to be a little league mom…
    Having also grown up in Europe, I do understand what you say about soccer ;-)
    Tina @ Life is Good

  3. Saint Louis Cardinals are my own “home” team. Even though I grew up in Illinois, the Cardinals were “our” team. Chicago Cubs did nothing for the spirit in our community and it was so far away.

    We like to go to a minor league “Storm” at Lake Elsinore Diamond. The players are being groomed for SD Padres. My gr-daughters love to go, and * explain* everything to me. I have learned *sooo very much* since they were born. How precious is that!

    Enjoy the summer’s games! Susan Kane

    • Well, Susan, your Cadinals won that day, but we beat them the day before. :)
      Tell me about ‘explaining’ the game. Took me a while to get what was going on on the field. As a soccer fan, you’re used to action all the time — a whole different ball game.

  4. You know, I’m not sure that I’ve ever been to a baseball game but you make it sound very appealing. There’s a stadium not far from my house. As the summer warms up, I’m going to have to give this some serious thought!

    By the way, Silvia, the link in your name when you comment on other people’s blogs doesn’t seem to be working. It just leads to a “can’t find this page” message.

  5. We love going to the games too. When we were in Texas we went to the Rangers at least once a year, and now we have a smaller park with a triple A (I think) team we go watch. Just walking in and through the area seemed like a breath of fresh air the other day.

  6. I think baseball is so much fun because there is time to socialize. Even the announcers spend most of their time talking about the players and the sport – every once in a while a pitch cross the plate and interrupts their conversation. LOL.

    I LOVED being a little league Mom. It was said when Alec stopped playing. Glad you enjoyed the game.

    • That’s what is so great, Cindy. Having a cold drink and having time to actually socialize. For us, it was a mini family reunion. Too bad Alec stopped playing …

  7. Yes, summer and baseball! I can’t wait to take my kids to a Twins game next week and I’m really enjoying their own (tball) games. :D

  8. My husband loves baseball, he is a huge Cincinnati Reds fan, HUGE. He actually watches them on television and tells his children of fondly listening to games on the radio in the summer when television didn’t have a gazillion channels and all the games were not broadcast. Anyway, I am not a huge fan of baseball, too slow and I find it a little boring. We went to a game once and I pulled out a book, it was the one time my husband turned to me and actually gave me an order, “Put that book away.” He said it so sternly I thought he was going to kill me. After the game he said, “Listen if you never want to go to a game with me again that is fine but please for the love of God don’t ever read a book at a baseball game again that is just so wrong.” I felt so bad, I have gone to games with him again, and I watch and have learned to find the joy that he feels, not quite as much but getting there. He wants to visit as many baseball parks as possible around the country and I am going with him, and no books are coming along :)
    Sorry for the ramble and he would love your post, you described the feeling at the park exactly!!!

    • Lucy, no problem at all. Love the interaction we’re having here, and long messages are my favorite. Hey, since you brought up the whole ‘tradition’ at the game thing — let me tell you. My husband, big baseball fan, had us arrive almost two hours before the game to observe the tradition — players warming up and tossing balls to the fans, etc. etc. So much stuff going on before the game even starts. And if I’d have pulled out a book … he may have had a heart attack. :)

  9. I don’t like watching baseball on TV (boring!) but you’re right, being at the ballpark is a totally different–fun–experience!

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