Commuting Stories

Most days I have a pretty boring commute to work, but while in traffic the other day this was the view from my window.


A woman riding a horse, another one behind her (this isn’t a great shot, but you can see her near the white car). She moved right along while the rest of us waited for a line of cars to squeeze past the green light before the red light brought traffic to a halt.  Not a common sight around here — the horse rider.

Oh, if I just had a horse. The line of cars would mean nothing. Of course I haven’t ridden one since age ten, when a friend’s parents offered pony rides … if you call that ‘riding a horse.’

And today … this:

Calabasas Sink Hole 

A sinkhole caused by a water main rupture, and all the mess that comes with diverting traffic around a major street. Luckily I’ve been driving this route for ten years, and back roads are my friends. And so, I looped around and drove.

I was waiting for the group Missing Persons to come on the radio any moment with No one walks in L.A.

Commuting is a tedious business, but it also gives me time away from home or office noise, time to hear myself think.  Time to catch up on the news. And, hey, it can be amusing, and an exercise in inspiration — the woman, the horse in the middle of traffic. On a day like today it’s definitely an exercise in ingenuity — zigzag through the back roads and make it to the office on time.

Streets have bike lanes — that wouldn’t work for me distance and time wise — but I found myself wondering: what would it be like if more areas were zoned for horses? 

Hmm. The rider in my picture looked serene as she rode undisturbed by the ups and downs of traffic. And I remember this story about the urban cowboy in Detroit not long ago, the headline screaming, Man turns heads in Detroit as he rides horse instead of driving

We’re nowhere near the spectacular driving advances we see in sci-fi movies — electric cars zooming past without  a glitch. But our expectations to get from point A to point B remain high or are even higher, at least in urban areas.

That’s a problem. So, I admire the spirit of the horse rider and the urban cowboy, and naively wish something like that would be a small solution to our traffic issues and all the auxiliary problems. All right, emphasis on naively wish.

With that in mind, I hope your day/commute is going well.


Photo credit: wxyz

28 responses to “Commuting Stories

  1. Ah, what fun. You know how to make the most of a long wait.

  2. Great blog today, Silvia. I grew up on horses, got my first pony when I was five. I don’t commute, any more. Don’t work. But I sure miss my horses! I’m gonna own one before I die. Haven’t ridden since I was fifty-five – my God! – fifteen years. Now I know what I’m blogging tonight. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Can you ride a Vespa in a bike line? That might be a fun way around the traffic, cowboy boots optional.

  4. I do not envy you fighting that traffic. I’m glad you are able to find positives in it, for I have heard many a person complain about it. Good for you!

  5. It’s certainly interesting to see a horse on a road these days.
    I love riding horses. I’ve only done it twice though.

  6. Oh I would love to ride a horse to work. The pervious owner of our house had horses so we still get horse sale fliers in the mail, and I tease my husband that I’m going to buy one, but I doubt I ever will, and even if I did, riding it into the city would be… impractical. But a girl can dream, can’t she.

  7. There’s still a few cowboys where we live that use horses daily and you see many tied up at local rural bars ot so many in the town. You carve a simpler life by the sounds of it, I understand that.

  8. Wow! Some unusual scenes for sure. Lately I see nothing but construction zones. Sigh.

  9. Believe it or not, a rider is not a usual sight in Chapel Hill, either. Both my daughter and I rode and we love horses, but they are fragile creatures for all their huge size and strength. They take a lot of care, time and money as we learned when we had them. Wonderful observation about commuting; I used to do the same thing – find one good thing every day during the time I sat in the car. But LA traffic and sinkholes? I’m not jealous!.

  10. I grew up riding horses, but most of them were very afraid of cars, so we stayed as far away as possible. I guess it all depends on the horses’ training. I will naively wish right along with you!
    I communted for four years, and quite enjoyed the alone time, and the “get my mind ready for the day” and then the “”decompress after work.” I was a teacher then.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  11. Hi Silvia .. horses tend to ditch me … so I’m not too keen – but do love to watch and I’d love the freedom of cantering off into the distance, or riding in the woods! Thankgoodness you know the back roads … and like you – I enjoy the downtime in the car – with that space to think … driving to London on Friday – so I’ll get some thinking time then .. cheers Hilary

  12. I hate traffic too! Do you know when I moved south I didn’t hear a horn beep for almost ten years? People tend to be very polite even in traffic here. We live in a rural area so many of my neighbors have horses but they don’t take them on the roads, it’s just to dangerous! I love to look at them but personally haven’t been on one in many many years.

    Jen @ We’re Living A Full Life

  13. I’d much rather see a horse on my commute than a sink hole! I do hate commuting sometimes with the traffic, but I live way too far away not to commute. Even the closest gas station/store is over five miles from my house. True, that’s better than some, but still rather hard to travel to without a car unless a person has a lot of time.

  14. Oh, this makes me want to take up horse riding. Loved this post.

    On Mon, May 13, 2013 at 3:41 PM, Silvia Writes

  15. Isn’t that dangerous, a horse in traffic? Then let’s think about all the people with roadrage trying to pass. Very odd.

  16. I’m lucky to pass through some very pretty places on my long (1 hour) journey to university, including passing by the tallest tower in the world :)

  17. I’ve seen people riding horses on my way to work. I’m always jealous. It’s fun to see stories tell themselves right before our eyes.

  18. We live in the country a bit, and somewhere down our road is a couple who drive out in their horse and buggy. We all race out to see them go by when that happens! Haven’t seen them for a while now though.

  19. My commute today and most fridays is from my bedroom to livingroom. I love work at home days. Picked you up from Ida’s blog. It looks interesting here! I am off to explore.

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