Liebster Blog Award

What a nice way to end the A to Z Blogging Challenge — by being nominated for the Liebster Blog Award (my very first such honor). 

I’m always excited to see comments on my blog, but this particular email brought a sweet surprise from Franny, a wonderful blogger I met through the Challenge. 

Thank you, Franny. You can find her here:

There are a few rules associated with the award (aside from posting a picture on top of the post, mentioning who nominated you, and posting a link to their blog):  

Here are the rules:

1.  List 11 random facts about you.

2. Nominate 11 other bloggers for the Liebster Award and link their blog sites.

3. Notify the bloggers of their award. 

4. Ask the award winners 11 questions to answer when they accept their Liebster Award.

Some random facts about me:

1. Today is my 17th wedding anniversary (the award is an awesome gift);

2. May is an important month in our family — aside from our anniversary, our son turns 9.

3. I was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania (moved to the US in 1992);

4. I spend a lot of time writing stories (had two published in online journals);

5. I would love to finish editing my novel this summer. I’ve been working on it for years.

6. I have an awesome group of writing friends (they put up with me and read my work. :))

7. I like music of just about any kind (except for rap). I’m married to a guy who plays guitar and bass, and who on his free time plays in a band;

8. I just finished my first Blogging Challenge. Yay!

9. I love foreign languages. Aside from English, I speak Romanian (a Latin-based language) and understand a good measure of Italian.

10. This summer I’m going to Washington, DC for the first time. Anything you’d like to share about your visit(s) there would be much appreciated.

11. For my reading pleasure, I have 2 – 3 books going at the same time — one for bedtime, one for treadmill time, one for car rides. April changed that a little with the Challenge demanding most of my time.

And now the questions I was asked:

1. Do you have a nickname?  Not now, but as a kid I was known as Simi. My older sister couldn’t say Silvia, so somehow she ended up with Simi.

2. Who’s your favourite writer? This one is hard … I have so many favorites. But because I’ve been reading a lot of Joyce Carole Oates lately, I have to say she’s right up there at the top.

3. If you could switch life with someone who’d you choose? And why?  Hmmm. Maybe Jane Goodall, just to experience such amazing motivation and dedication.

4. If you had a time machine where would you go? Into the future to see what it looks like say a hundred years from now, then I’d come back and report. 

5. Pirates or Vampires? Pirates … vampires are overrated. :)

6. Are you a satisfied person or do you keep working to obtain something? Never satisfied when it comes to my writing. But I’m happy with my life otherwise.

7. Sweet or savoury? Savoury.  Yum.

8. Which is your favourite colour? It changes from time to time. I loved burgundy as a teen, then red and purple. Now, I’d say green.

9. What’s your favourite animal? Dogs … small to medium size.

10. Is friendship important for you? Absolutely. I have a handful of very good friends and I absolutely cherish them.

11. Fantasy or sci-fi? I like both, but I like sci-fi just a tad more.

And now, the bloggers I am nominating for the award (because I think their blogs are awesome):












Finally, your turn to answer questions: 

1. What is your favorite quote?

2. What makes you smile?

3. What is your favorite dish?

4. If you needed to emigrate, which country would you choose and why?

5. What is your ultimate way of relaxing?

6. What instrument have you ever wanted to play?

7. What role/part would you play in a movie?

8. What’s your favorite song when you’re traveling?

9. Mountains, hilltops or beaches — where would you go on vacation?

10. Do you prefer reading fiction or nonfiction?

11. Name one place/city anywhere in the world you’d like to go. And why?

I look forward to reading your posts.


24 responses to “Liebster Blog Award

  1. That was fun read Silvia, I was just wondering about the similarities between Romanian and Italian today, you answered one of my questions. Congratulations on your award and nailing the challenge.

  2. Thank you, Silvia! And Happy Anniversary!

  3. The Golden Eagle

    Congratulations on the award! And Happy Anniversary as well. :)

  4. Congrats & Happy Anniversary, Silvia! Today’s blog was fun to read & participate in.
    1 – Favorite quote: We have nothing to fear but fear itself.
    2 – What makes me smile? My grandchildren!
    3 – Favorite dish – home made blackberry cobbler – if someone other than me makes it! LOL
    4 – Emigrate? Ooh. Either Mexico, because I’ve lived & worked there before & have a basic grasp of the language; or Canada, because I’ve never been there & definitely have a grasp of the language.
    5 – Relaxing? Hot bubble bath with wine, candles & the love of my life.
    6 – Movie role: I once could have handled Maggie the cat, but now all I’m capable of is Min Cotton – the main protagonist in my book. LOL!
    7 – Instrument – definitely the piano. I’ve struggled for years & never quite mastered it.
    8 – Traveling music? Ride of the Valkyries or Night on Bald Mountain, now that I have cruise control!
    9 – Vacation: Mountains, mountains, and more mountains!
    10 – I prefer reading fiction now. I had to read way too much nonfiction curing my career.
    11 – Cairo, Egypt. I have friends there I haven’t seen since 1995. I’d like to know if they survived the revolution.

    • Karen, thank you, and I’m so happy to see you answering the questions. Love your quote, and wow, Cairo. I’d love, love, love to see the pyramids. I want to go with you.

  5. Hi, congrats on your award.

  6. Happy anniversary, happy birthday to your son and congrats on your award! :)

  7. awwhh thank you for nominating me :) I did receive the liebster award before but let me answer the questions

    1. What is your favorite quote? – I am sure I have one but I can’t htink of it right now…. :(

    2. What makes you smile? – art, sunshine, nice people

    3. What is your favorite dish? – uh chocolate, desserts

    4. If you needed to emigrate, which country would you choose and why?
    I chose Ireland :)
    5. What is your ultimate way of relaxing? -Lying in bed and reading.

    6. What instrument have you ever wanted to play? – Piano!

    7. What role/part would you play in a movie? – something in a comedy, some ditsy girl

    8. What’s your favorite song when you’re traveling? – hmm again no idea …uh

    9. Mountains, hilltops or beaches — where would you go on vacation?

    10. Do you prefer reading fiction or nonfiction? – non fiction

    11. Name one place/city anywhere in the world you’d like to go. And why?
    Japan, I just want to see it!!

  8. Thank you so much! Happy belated anniversary.
    Random question, but where do you get your audio books from for the tread-mill and car-ride? Audibles?

    • Thanks, Ghadeer.
      Some I buy when my library has a book sale, and yes, some I download from Currently I listen to Harlan Coben’s audiobook “The Woods.”

  9. I loved learning more about you from the questions, I hope you enjoyed your anniversary.

  10. Congratulations to the award – well deserved! – and thank you so much for nominating me, I feel so honoured!

  11. Hi Silvia .. congratulations – that’s great news … congratulations on achieving 17 years of married bliss .. no doubt with a few minor bumps along the way – but a wonderful achievement ..

    – see you soon – Hilary

  12. Hi,
    Congrats on your award. I love science fiction too. I enjoyed your answers.

  13. Thanks for the shout-out Silvia! Let me answer a couple of the questions here: I relax with a good book. For vacations I love the beach, especially at dawn or dusk when most people are gone. It’s quiet and the sun is at odd angles, so beautiful. And I definitely prefer fiction.

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