V is for Valley

As we’re nearing the end of the Challenge, and words are increasingly hard to find, I thought I’d stay close to home for this one.

So, where is home? I live in a valley — a planned community, which is part of the larger Los Angeles Metropolitan Area.

What are we known for? On a statewide level, maybe even nationally, probably for amusement parks and basketball teams.  

On a smaller level, for a city hall  trying to break away from the county system (why do cities want to break away? Money, I know, but aren’t we stronger as one large unit?). While the breakaway hasn’t been decided the debate continues. 

Our valley is also a family oriented area. I used to worry going into restaurants with a young child, possibly disrupting other patrons. There’s no need, really, for such worries around here. You see families with children everywhere, striking up conversations in a flash (what sports is he playing/what’s your favorite team?).

It took some adjusting living here. We’re in a valley, so summers can get very hot. But the weather is comfortable during the rest of the year.

What else do we have? Outdoor places galore.

Hiking trails, golf courses, parks — one of our parks hosts summer concerts every year.

Yes, life in a valley took some serious adjusting. For example, a good air-conditioning unit is a must. We had no use for central air before, but you can’t live here without air conditioning. Thank God for that wonderful invention.

Change is difficult, but given time it becomes second nature. And before you know it a valley becomes home.

~~~Another short post today, but please join the conversation — anything you’d like to share.


Photos credit: towncentre, from officessuits; SC, from realestatebuzz

31 responses to “V is for Valley

  1. Hi Silvia .. love the V post – life seems serene in the Valley – cheers Hilary

  2. When I saw the first picture it reminded me of a scene or two from CARS. I know of hot summers, my mom comes from the tropics. But now when I go back it is second nature. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like that word valley! Reminds me of being hidden or down low away from everything else! I like low places because at twilight when the sun is going down the light effect is different. Not sure if the is the case in every low place however I have experienced that being the case here in some places in Maryland!

    Sounds like good living down in the valley where you live! Enjoyed the post, Silvia!

  4. Your V reminded me of other “valleys” – glens, dales of the sort you’d see in Wales and Scotland. And a very perceptive comment about your valley being family oriented – very true for glens and dales!

  5. Sounds like your Valley is a nice little haven for you right now, has fun and family friendly events too,not to mention year long nice weather, man makes you want to come to your neck of the woods.
    Lucy from Lucy’s Reality

  6. Sounds like a lovely place to live.

    I know what you mean about taking children to restaurants etc. we have a restaurant in town that’s very family friendly so it’s become our favourite.

  7. Beautiful word. Valley sounds so much nicer than Holler, which is where I live here in the Missouri Ozarks.

  8. I live in a valley as well–San Lorenzo Valley in the Santa Cruz Mountains. It’s more peaceful here than living in the city–even somewhat small Santa Cruz seems big and bustling now! Enjoyed your post, Silvia!

  9. Sounds like a nice place to raise a family. Your outdoor spaces sound like heaven. What I have in personal land (living rural) I give up in community amenities, we don’t even have side walks or street lights we’re so rural!

  10. My wife wants to move to California. I told her we should maybe tried it out first. We’re going to San Diego in June!

  11. We live in a valley too, and you’re right. It does get very hot!

  12. Hi, Silvia. I live at the southern end of the California’s great Central Valley. There are definite similarities, like the heat, but we’re about 2 hours from LA. I’m not sure if you get the Santa Ana winds, but what we get is most of the air pollution from the Bay Area south collecting in the a– end of the valley with little in the way of wind to blow it out. That, plus agriculture and straddling the I-5 corridor means we have some of the worst air anywhere. But on an April day after one of our infrequent rainstorms, it’s very nice.

    • Jer, yes, we get the Santa Anas — big time. I know what you mean about the air and such, and all the benefits we get from rain. Btw, was reading in the paper that all the anti-polution laws enacted in L.A. are paying off. Polution indicator is down. Will take anything positive. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. Enjoyed reading about the valley you stay in :)

  14. Would love to meet you if we’re ever in the area! Do you speak like a “Valley Girl”?! Ha ha. Inspiring blog. Especially love your tagline…

  15. That sounds like a great place to be.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  16. the valley seems like a good place to live. I like living in the village ;)

  17. I like that image of people striking up a conversation with the kids bouncing around you.

  18. Valley–great choice. My youngest daughter lives in Bern, Switzerland. It is in a valley, built along the Aure River. Valleys are so hot and humid. But, I realized, that it is only in the valleys can one appreciate the Alps. Susan @ http://thecontemplativecat.blogspot.com

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