S is for Solvang, California

There is a cabin on a two-acre piece of land in Solvang, California, we sometimes visit on weekends to get away from the constant rat race of daily life.

It’s only a two-hour drive from where we live, yet a world apart. I have never been to a quieter place.

The cabin is right in the middle of the land, so there’s more than enough space to run, play games or fly a kite, as my husband and son do in the picture above. There is no television or wi-fi connection, so when we’re there, we forgo all modern conveniences. We spend time playing and enjoying the view.

And Bambi, the deer, comes to visit. 

Aside from the beauty of the land and the peace, there’s a lot to like in Solvang, starting with the history.

The town was founded in 1911, by three Danish immigrants. They raised money to buy a large tract of land on the West Coast and subdivide it into plots for farms, homes, and a town. 

Today, Solvang is still very much Danish. The beautiful place, located in Santa Barbara county, is nestled among the Santa Ynez mountains and greenery. A little piece of Denmark mixed with the California style living.

You can find authentic Danish food, (cabbage, sausage, pastry of every kind), and admire the old style architecture on Main Street.

Not to mention the wine tasting —  so good. While there are some wineries not far from town, if you drive up north, you are right in the middle of California wine country. Most definitely a must see area.

The town is a place to visit as a quick vacation stop — perhaps while driving from Los Angeles to Pismo Beach or farther north. There isn’t much to do there for a vacation, but plenty of fun to be had on a weekend.

And that’s what Solvang represents to us — a quick getaway to recharge our batteries, refresh, and be ready to start a new week. You won’t regret stopping for a quick bite or a weekend of fun, if you ever find yourself in the area.

~~~ What is your favorite weekend getaway?


25 responses to “S is for Solvang, California

  1. The last picture looks perfect!

  2. Hi Silvia .. Solvang sounds just glorious … a little peace amongst the hustle and bustle of life in CA …. cheers Hilary

  3. How lucky you are to be so near. I have special memories of Solvang as a morning stop on our second honeymoon for some of those delicious pastries! Much better than the “famous” pea soup at the dutch windmill place in Buellton – yecch. My hubby just couldn’t understand my aversion to the local delicacy. LOL

  4. That sounds like a perfect weekend get away. I wish I knew of something similar around here. In the summer we can get away to our favorite camp grounds, but we don’t have a place like that

  5. My favorite weekend getaway is to the coast- I think NC has some of the most beautiful beaches in the US. The wind and waves and expanse of and is very calming. My husband and I have been to Solvang – many years ago. We had to try Anderson’s pea soup which had been advertised far and wide as the best ever. My husband – maybe because he is my husband – said mine was better!

  6. I haven’t been to Solvang in ages, but I always enjoyed visiting there. My favorite getaway is TO the city–San Francisco–since we live in a pretty quiet area.
    Silvia, you’ve been doing a great job on your A-Z blog challenge. I’m very impressed and your writing and topics are always so interesting!

    • Oh, Linda, I love San Francisco. Haven’t been in so long … should really make time to go up there this year. Thanks so much for your kind words. Glad you enjoy my posts.

  7. That sound lovely! It’s been eons since we took a weekend away.

  8. What a picture perfect place to spend time away Sylvia.

  9. Our favorite wkend getaway place is Idyllwild, CA. It is about 90 minutes from our San Diego area, up in the lower mountains. I think it dates back to the mid-1800s.

  10. Solvang sounds like an excellent quick getaway. The pics are quite charming. I have a small cabin 2 hours away as well, in the quiet PA Appalachians. There is a lake nearby and a small ski resort.

  11. The place looks lovely and I can understand why you enjoy the quick getaway. I love Sedona, AZ but I live there part time now. For most people it would be a great place to go for a long weekend. Otherwise, in Ohio, my other home (and where I was born and raised)I like to go to Hideaway Hills or the amusement parks, sometimes it is fun to play and ride the rides, as a getaway :)
    Lucy from Lucy’s Reality

  12. As someone who went to Amsterdam in February, that looks like an unusual spot to find windmills. In rural America?
    I love your cabin. If I could pick a spot for a weekend retreat I’d have to choose a cottage in the New Forest: it’s not too far from home but it’s a world of different too.

  13. What a super holiday home you have, I could spend time there, :)
    maggie at expat brazil

  14. No TV or wi-fi is the key. I’m glad you have a place where you can uncharged to recharged!

  15. Those places can be a slice of heaven.

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