A mystery novel, and my Amazon review

I enjoy reading mysteries. If the plot is not contrived and arbitrary, a mystery novel keeps me engaged and guessing until the last page. For this one, I posted a review on Amazon.

“I’m an avid mystery reader, so this book grabbed me with the first scene — the tragic death of Bruce’s wife — and didn’t let go. As suspense builds with the introduction of various characters, including an unsympathetic police detective, all I wanted to know was who did it? Did she die in her sleep? And if not, who killed her? So many possibilities.

The story moves rapidly through twists, turns and unexpected events. Among other things, we learn of Heather’s secret life, a dysfunctional family from her past, a daughter. And while solving the mysterious death kept me interested, my heart broke for Bruce. A regular guy, happily married, dealing with the unforgiving aging process we all have to go through, waking up to a nightmare. Having fingers pointed at him by neighbors and police. You get the feeling this could happen to anyone, and that’s what makes Bruce sympathetic.

You’ll enjoy this book if you like a good mystery with a character you can get behind.”


2 responses to “A mystery novel, and my Amazon review

  1. It was Colonel Mustard with the grenade launcher.

    Read your post on A to Z blog.

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